Dynamic Web Application and CMS

CACMS provides an in-depth course framework on developing Dynamic Web Applications. Dynamic Web Applications is the next step for students who have an experience with the HTML/CSS and are keen to take their web programming skills to the next level with server-side web development.

Mundane Websites can prove to be extremely dull and boring. While providing uniformity of information we tend to follow the basic rules for website development. Web applications, however, take websites to the next level. Online banks, Google Docs, or even online shopping stores feature astute applications that provide a personalized experience to each individual user. We at CACMS train students in several key areas like:

  • Object Oriented PHP
  • Version Control
  • Dependency management, testing, and other modern web development practices

CACMS has devised the best course for a complete and comprehensive study on Web applications. We also train students on live projects and engage them in 6 months industrial training.