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6 months Industrial Training


Any professional degree requires one to get to know the realities of the industry and get you acquainted with the current trades of the business. This the opportunity for you as a student to get the taste and experience the learning in the best hands. CACMS acts as an Industrial Training Institute and provides training in the fields which not only the market requires but also is in accordance with your curriculum. It also helps you steer ahead with the placements and secure a job.   Your 6-months industrial training tends to channelize your concentration and awareness in one particular technology. It will boost your performance and will help you to achieve your career objectives.   Hands-on experience and experiencing a real job scenario are the most important aspects of your industrial training program. In our 6- months training program we provide the trainees with an opportunity to work on a few live projects with our team which help students gain practical insight in their chosen technology.   We at CACMS regularly update our courses as per the latest industry trends, our aim is to incorporate all the actual industry requirements into the respective training programs. We often come across students who are not sure about which training programs they want to pursue. We realize the significance of these 6 months in building your career so we provide the right guidance and expertise to help you choose a suitable career option for yourself which saves us the position of best industrial training institute in Punjab.   CACMS offers you multiple training programs to choose from:   ·       Java    ·       PHP    ·       Android   ·       Web Designing   ·       Digital marketing   ·       ASP.NET   ·       Django   ·       Machine learning    ·       Python   To survive in today’s modern era of the  competitive world, one should have the perfect skills and confidence to face the competition. CACMS training not only trains you best in technological skills but also trains in building leadership qualities by creating an environment where you work under teams and performs the specified task. Industrial training holds lots of importance in an engineering degree as it is best way to acquire mastery about the field. The best industrial training will help you to develop skill in latest methodologies related to your technology and will help to build a strong foundation of your career.   If you are someone who is looking for industrial training in Punjab then why not learn from the best? These days number of engineers is increasing day by day but the quality is decreasing as companies demand candidates who have sharp practical skills and students who don’t only knows the concept but also knows about executing that concept. Learning the theoretical aspect of the concept is also very important as without that knowledge practical implementation is not possible. So, here you need 6 – months of industrial training experience to experience a world outside books in which you learn installation, coding, debugging, implementation, designing, teamwork etc.   The key element which makes CACMS 6-months industrial training as the best industrial training in Punjab is that we train students as per modern industry trends and work on overall development. There are many things other than technology to become industry ready like management, pressure handling, real-time exposure. We in our training program ensure that a student gains professional training and also become industry ready by acquiring all the required skills to survive in an industrial environment.                            Your 6-months industrial training tends to channelize your concentration and awareness in one particular technology. It will boost your performance and will help you to achieve your career objectives.    Hands on experience and experiencing the real job scenario are the most important aspects of your industrial training program. In our 6- months training program we provide the trainees an opportunity work on live few projects with our team which help students gain a practical insight in their chosen technology.      ' '


For some programming is not roses, this is where .Net comes into play. .Net is a software framework which helps in building web pages and websites. So if spinning web is your forte then .Net is the perfect remedy for your programming woes. It is vital in building web applications and other web servers.

With .Net, we start from the very basics of web development and make you familiar with the latest technology to help you build your own digital presence.

Digital Marketing

Today’s world is all about marking your presence. But marking your presence digitally could be a challenge. Digital marketing is a comprehensive study which includes Search Engine Optimization, building social media presence and accelerating the pageview hits.
So if you are the chatter box of your group, spread your chatter digitally and get acclaimed.
Digital Marketing is an upcoming career space and has limitless potential in the industry.

CACMS provides you with live projects to work on. It gives you not only an enriching experience but also helps you implement your learning. We also provide a certification for the same


Django is a Python-based free and open-source web framework that follows the model-template-view architectural pattern.Django's primary goal is to ease the creation of complex, database-driven websites. The framework emphasizes reusability and "pluggability" of components, less code, low coupling, rapid development, and the principle of don't repeat yourself.

Android App Development

The fad for Smart Technology has sparked an extravagant interest in the Android operating system. Android is not an alien term even to a child of 10 years. Looking through this scenario, it is well discernible that Android Application Development is the big league of the IT Sector. We at CACMS have drafted the best and thorough study on Android Applications, a unique concept in Amritsar.


Java as it is well known as is the all -pervasive computer programming language required to build software and applications on systems. CACMS provides comprehensive courses to graduates on basic and advanced Java, the most acclaimed programming language of the computer systems. Our course content features various aspects like EJB that is required to develop huge and complex websites.The theoretical knowledge is passé at CACMS. 

Ethical Hacking

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) is a qualification obtained by experts in computer security. They are trained to identify and assess the security of computer systems. Due to their mastery in penetrating computer systems, they are candidly known as ethical hackers.  

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