6 Months Industrial Training

Any professional degree requires one to get to know the realities of the industry and get you acquainted with the current trades of the business. This the opportunity for you as a student to get the taste and experience the learning in the best hands.
CACMS acts as an Industrial Training Institute and provides training in the fields which not only the market requires but also is in accordance with your curriculum. It also helps you steer ahead with the placements and secure a job.
We aim towards building your skills to make you industry ready and get you abreast of the challenges laying ahead in your IT Career.We provide guidance and training in Computer Courses which companies use and help you get a jump start professionally.

We provide training in the following technologies :
– DOT Net
– Secured Programming
– Digital Marketing


Talking of computer programming languages, JAVA is the most omnipresent language and has found it’s utilities in all the nooks and corners. Being object driven, it is the easier to learn and understand and deals with the real life scenarios. Java is equipped with powerful development tools such as Eclipse and Net Beans which make the learning experience even more enriching.

Professionally speaking, it is one of the most lucrative languages to build a career on as programmer. We provide professional training in JAVA. Here we not only get you acquainted with the basics of the language but scale you up during the six months, so as by the end of you have a live project in your hand to show off.

We provide training in both Core and Advanced Java.

DOT Net:

For some programming is not roses, this is where .Net comes into play. .Net is a software framework which helps in building web pages and websites. So if spinning web is your forte then .Net is the perfect remedy for your programming woes. It is vital in building web applications and other web servers.

With .Net, we start from the very basics of web development and make you familiar with the latest technology to help you build your own digital presence.


There are various reasons as to why you should invest your professional 6 months in learning PHP. We, here will give you some:

– 80% of top 10 million websites use PHP
– It is fairly popular with for freelance work.
– It is easy to learn and get started with.
– It is easy to maintain and work on.
– It is user friendly .
– Facebook has made heavy investments into PHP
– It has amazing job prospects.

Convinced, as you are, about the admirability of the language. CACMS provides the best training in PHP and help you work your way up from the beginning to building your own website.

Secured Programming:

In the times of technology seeping everywhere, locking up your computers is not an answer. Companies today view security as a major threat and look for candidates to satisfy their security demands. Secured programming deals with the concept of checks and balances and helps you code your way with zip tight security.

Secured programming has an enormous potential and could help you build a secured career.
We provide industrial training in secured programming in JAVA and .NET and enrich your skills manifolds.

Digital Marketing:

Today’s world is all about marking your presence. But marking your presence digitally could be a challenge. Digital marketing is a comprehensive study which includes Search Engine Optimization, building social media presence and accelerating the pageview hits.
So if you are the chatter box of your group, spread your chatter digitally and get acclaimed.
Digital Marketing is an upcoming career space and has limitless potential in the industry.

CACMS provides you with live projects to work on. It gives you not only an enriching experience but also helps you implement your learning. We also provide a certification for the same.