The Busy is an integrated business management software that covers Financial Accounting, Inventory Management, Billing, Statutory Reports and MIS. It is one of the leading enterprise software in India with over 90,000 installations over 6 Lac Users worldwide. The number of users is growing fast with thousands of users adding to the list every month. As the user base of BUSY is growing, the demand for trained operators is also growing proportionately.
Each Unit begins with Objective that informs students of what to expect from the Unit and the topics that will be covered in the Unit. Liberal use of figures and screenshots to ensure better understanding of the content. Use of real time examples, so that the students can easily correlate with the topics. Quick Review and a small Exercise at the end of each Unit.

Course Outline:
Module 1: Introduction
Module 2: Starting with Busy
Module 3: Setting up a Company in Busy
Module 4: Basic Configuration
Module 5: Masters
Module 6: Transactions
Module 7: Printing Documents
Module 8: Accounting Reports
Module 9: Inventory Reports
Module 10: Sales Tax & VAT Reports
Module 11: Managing Backups
Module 12: Utilities
Module 13: HouseKeeping
Module 14: Year-end Process