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This course is an ideal package for students who want to understand the basic concepts of Business Analytics and also making them familiar with field of Analytics using R language. Completing this course will make learner able to construe what goes behind the processing of huge volumes of data and preparing a student for a job in Big Data analytics space. '

Course Outline

Module 01 – Introduction to Big Data 

  •  Introduction to Big Data
  •  Applicability of Big Data
  •  Introduction to Big Data technologies
  •  Introduction to Hadoop
  •  Distributed Computing Basics
  •  Evolution of Distributed Systems 

Module 02 – Working with Hadoop and Its Components and Concepts 

  • Analysis of Hadoop
  • HDFS and Hadoop Commands
  • Introduction to MapReduce
  • How MapReduce Works
  • Pig  
  • Hive 

Module 03 –Scripting with Hive & HBase 

  •  Hive Data Types and File Formats
  •  Hive Query Language  
  •  HBase Architecture Details  
  •  Working with HBase  

Module 04 – Programming using MapReduce for Big Data - 1 

  •  Programming Concepts in Mapreduce  
  •  HDFS programming in Java
  •  MapReduce programming in Java
  •  Executing a MapReduce program
  •  Debugging & Diagnosing Mapreduce program .

Module 05 – Programming using MapReduce for Big Data - 2 

  •  Job Chaining & Merging
  •  Input & Output patterns
  • NextGen MapReduce using YARN & REST 

Module 06 – Distributed Resource synchronization using ZooKeeper 

  •  ZooKeeper in detail  

Module 07 – Data loading using Sqoop 

  • Sqoop in detail
  • Introduction to ETL and CDC
  • TelenD

                 o Introduction

                 o Components

                 o ETL Perspective o Installation

                 o Basic Operations

Module 08 – Handling large log files using Flume 

  •  Flume in detail
  •  Kafka o Introduction

                  o Architecture and workflow

                  o Installation

                   o Basic operations 

Module 09 – Handling workflows using Oozie 

  •  Workflow scheduling using Oozie  

Module 10 – Understanding Popular Big Data Platforms 

  •  Cloudera, Hortonworks, Greenplum, Vertica 

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