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  Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) is a qualification obtained by experts in computer security. They are trained to identify and assess the security of computer systems. Due to their mastery in penetrating computer systems, they are candidly known as ethical hackers.         Information and data are the most important resource for an organization and its security is very essential to any organization or company. It becomes a necessity to protect this valuable data and information from being getting hacked.   Hacking is a term that  signifies something as unlawful and it is an illegal use of another person’s computer system. Nonetheless, hacking can also be done in a legit manner if done with permission. People who hack systems with permission and without inserting any malicious content into the system are known to be Ethical Hackers and the process is known as Ethical Hacking.   Ethical Hacking has become very important these days as it is used as a process to analyze the security system of an organization. An Ethical Hacker is a security expert who tries to penetrate into the systems in order to detect various types of risks and illegal access. Ethical hackers have to follow  safe hacking techniques for efficient working. It requires great skill and hence a great training.   Since the involvement of security threats have multiplied, requirement for ethical hackers in world is also multiplying. Hacking of extremely sensitive data can definitely affect the effective working of an organization and can also lead to loss of trust , therefore to save themselves from such harmful attacks companies are looking for candidates with exceptional ethical hacking skills. Ethical Hackers in high demand because of the  increasing amount of data hacks.   Becoming a certified expert in ethical hacking  can give you a chance to go a long way in your successful career. Many companies are looking out for such candidates and this certification can increase your chances to be selected. Becoming a professional in ethical hacking not only provides you with an option of a better career but also teaches you how to protect your data online from data breaches and information leak.   With more experience you develop more knowledge in this field which opens more career options. Having a certification in Ethical Hacking will definitely provide you with great number of opportunities.   Learning Ethical hacking is beneficial, be it anytime you learn it. Understanding the concepts of ethical hacking thoroughly is very important. With your knowledge of Ethical hacking you can help securing systems and data from being attacked maliciously and can also help government agencies in protecting their data from illegal hackers.   It allows to conduct proper analysis of systems to identify vulnerabilities from hacker’s perception and suggest a solution for such problems.   CACMS is the best ethical hacking institute and provides practical Ethical hacking course with hands on classroom training to scan and hack systems and keep them secured.  It prepares students to handle information with complete security and simplicity. The extensive ethical hacking training program will provide in – depth knowledge of present major security system. This training program will give you good head start to increase your knowledge in identifying various malicious threats.   The certification in Ethical Hacking(CEH) can open door to various other career opportunities like security manager, Ethical hacker, forensic analyst , Security Engineer etc.  

Course Outline


  • CEHv9 Module 01: Introduction to Ethical Hacking
  • CEHv9 Module 02: Footprinting and Reconnaissance
  • CEHv9 Module 03: Scanning Networks
  • CEHv9 Module 04: Enumeration
  • CEHv9 Module 05: System Hacking
  • CEHv9 Module 06:Malware Threats
  • CEHv9 Module 07: Sniffing
  • CEHv9 Module 08: Social Engineering
  • CEHv9 Module 09: Denial‐of‐Service
  • CEHv9 Module 10: Session Hijacking
  • CEHv9 Module 11: Hacking Web Servers
  • CEHv9 Module 12: Hacking Web Applications
  • CEHv9 Module 13:  SQL Injection
  • CEHv9 Module 14: Hacking Wireless Networks
  • CEHv9 Module 15: Hacking Mobile Platforms
  • CEHv9 Module 16: Evading IDS, Firewalls, and Honeypots
  • CEHv9 Module 17: Cloud Computing
  • CEHv9 Module 18: Cryptography

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