Commerce Graduates

Become the Puppet Master.

If Management and control are your true calling then this course is for you. CACMS provides courses to brushup and polishes your managerial skills which may help you climb up the corporate ladder.

CACMS offers following courses:-

Computerized Accounting (Tally and Busy)

Computers have penetrated the business world.How is a company doing? Being able to answer that question requires you to know how much money you’re making, which in turn requires accurate bookkeeping. Keeping accurate financial records is crucial to the success of any business, so it’s important to know your options.

While some firms still do their bookkeeping by hand, most firms generally have too many transactions to sustain a manual accounting system. The more complicated the financial activities of your business are, the more likely it is that you’ll need a computerized accounting system to ensure effective financial reporting. Computerized accounting systems are software programs that are stored on a company’s computer, network server, or remotely and accessed via the internet.

Today, It has become mandatory for the aspiring Accountants to learn ‘Accounting on Computers’ on a Leading, Widely used and Simplified ERP System like Tally.ERP 9. Knowledge in ERP is a must for Commerce and Management Students. Tally.ERP 9 is equipped enough to handle the entire modules as Accounting, Inventory, Taxation, MIS, System Controls etc. for a business organization.

CACMS provides best teaching techniques to acquaint students with the understanding and learning Computerized Accounting.

Finical, Cost and Management Accounting

Financial Accounting gives out information about the enterprise’s financial activities and situation. It makes use of the past or historical data. All the transactions and statements are recorded and presented in terms of money mostly.

Cost Accounting helps in the determination of the cost of the product, how to control it and in making decisions. It makes use of both past and present data for an ascertainment of product cost.

Management Accounting deals with both quantitative and qualitative aspects. This involves the preparation of budgets, forecasts to make viable and valuable future decisions by the management. Many decisions are taken based on the projected figures of the future.

CACMS provides adequate coaching techniques for students to develop skills in accounting.

Income Tax

CACMS offers taxation course both in direct and indirect taxes, which focus mainly on Income Tax. It also deals with how to file return to deal with Income tax matters with confidence. This training helps you to find better job opportunities or you can become tax consultants to start your own tax consultancy. CACMS has designed its course in a unique way keeping all the practical and day to day aspect of subject.

Operating Research Auditing

The operational audit is concerned with the appraisal of company effectiveness, identifying operations which are open to improvement.

CACMS provides coaching for the better understanding of concepts and their practical applicability.